The Federalist By Alexander Jefferson And Thomas Jefferson's Constitution

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Thomas Jefferson is one the founding fathers of the United States of America through the writing of the Declaration of Independence and his stances on personal freedoms and liberty’s. Jefferson has become the face of individual rights and he based his ideals on the matter through the state’s power in government. His undeniable obsession with the preservation of state and individual rights makes him the face of the anti-federalist party. “The Federalist” is a list of essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison in which its intentions to convince the people into the newly formed Constitution in which gives the National Government the majority of power over the states. This piece of writing was said to be the, "best commentary …show more content…
Firm opposition towards the way the house is to be chosen and how it precedes over the people has been made known through Jefferson exerting, “I think a House so chosen, will be very illy qualified to legislate for the Union, for foreign nations, &c., yet this evil does not weigh against the good” (Jefferson). Jefferson depicts the way in which the house is chosen as an evil in the constitution and this opposition is bread because of the fact that it gives preference to the larger states from the smaller state. The House of Representative’s delegates are chosen through each individual states population. The larger the state the more representatives of that state will persist in the House. Jefferson believes this creates inequality amongst the power of states, leading to the smaller states being forgotten and the individuals inside it being oppressed. He would have liked the House to play a role in decided the Chief executive as well. This known by him stating, "One person to be called shall be annually appointed by the House of Representatives" (Jefferson). Another opinion withheld by Jefferson is when the House grows too large it will be nearly impossible for it to get a two-thirds majority vote when passing bills. Without being able to accomplish this two-thirds vote there would be no way of enacting new legislation or dismissing unlawful acts of Congress. Jefferson would undoubtedly give equal representation of members in the House of Representatives regardless of the state’s population in order to ensure the preservation of equality amongst State power. He would undoubtable give a substantial amount of power to the house compared to single Executive branch of government because of his obvious fear of having only one

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