The Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Essay

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1) In the year 1987, Zach man issued a framework for the information systems architecture. Indeed, the four are dominating the enterprise field up to now they are a) Zach man framework for enterprise architecture b) The open group architecture framework c) federal enterprise architecture framework d) Gartner or the meta-framework.
2) In the year 1996, Congress passes the Clinger-Cohen Act for improving the use of information technology services by the federal government.
3) In the year 1998, Chief information officer council begins his work on the one of the enterprise architecture called the Federal enterprise architecture framework.
4) In the year 1999, the federal enterprise architecture released five reference models a) performance reference model b) business reference model c) service component reference model d) data reference model e) technical reference model.
5) In the year 2002, the office of management and budget renamed the federal enterprise architecture framework to federal enterprise architecture.
6) In the year 2008, the federal enterprise architecture regrouped the five reference models and made them into six reference models a) performance reference model b) business reference model c) data reference model d) application reference model e) infrastructure reference model f) security reference model.
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Mainly, the enterprise architecture is the important part of the enterprise mission for reducing the costs and…

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