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Personal factors are a key part in what makes a teacher a teacher and does, in fact influence their work. Personal factors can include but are not limited to age, gender, personality, and beliefs. As a new teacher, one of the primary concerns they generally have is surviving on a day to day basis. They constantly are wondering, “Will my students respect me?” or “Will I be able to maintain the class with a fair amount of control?” Often, first year teachers have a difficult time figuring out how much power they should have in the classroom, often either being too strict or too lax. When teachers begin to question their own choices, the children will begin to see that and act accordingly. These worries are brought on by not knowing what will …show more content…
Some of the biggest fears a new teacher faces internally include the fear of not doing well around superiors and the lack of public support for education. When looking at the survey again from class, it was found that over time in both urban and non urban settings the worries increase. With content changes and little experience under the new teacher’s belt, the results to the survey are not surprising. This is most likely due to the ever changing content standards and as well as standardized testing. The new teacher must also feel comfortable with their own knowledge of the content they are teaching. In the beginning stages of their teaching career, new teachers often fear that they will not do well and will be judged by their colleagues. These fears often disappear when the teacher realizes that he or she has the capability to teach in the classroom and should not worry about being judged by their coworkers. While encouragement is often preferred, we should not shy away from constructive criticism. Because new teachers do not have enough experience in the beginning of their teaching career they might feel apprehension as to how to help unmotivated students see the value of learning. This factor alone impacts how a teacher runs his or her classroom. Teachers need to be motivated and see the value of learning so they can later implement these values for their …show more content…
However, there are factors that they cannot control such as the number and kinds of learners they may have in the classroom, the class size, time spent with each child, and the availability of equipment. With all of these factors weighing on the teachers mind it is no wonder that when looking at the survey discussed in class, it was found that these issues do not leave the teacher’s mind. We always want the best for our student so we will continually worry as to whether or not they are receiving the best education possible. Our personalities alone are not enough to carry the weight of a poor school. We must combine it with our knowledge of the content and our experience level to create a favorable outcome for the

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