Essay about The Fear Of Crime And Crime

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When discussing the fear of crime it is referred to the fear of being a victim of crime as opposed to the actual probability of being a victim of crime (Hale, 1996). Although the fear of crime can be differentiated into thoughts and behaviours about the personal risk of being a victim of crime, public feelings, and there are many differences that can be made between seeing the situations are fearful and the actual experience while being in those situations, also the media and how it reports crime can have an effect on the way people view fear of crime. Such as hearing about certain events that have taken place through the media and knowing that other individuals have been a victim tends to raise the perceptions of the risk of victimisation (Skogan and Maxfield, 1981), this is known as a ‘crime multiplier’. Hearing from and about friends’ and/or neighbours’ victimisation will increase the individuals anxiety levels for knock on experiences of crimes that may then play a stronger part within the anxieties that are about victimisation rather than direct experience. Along with this point, there is a note with advice ‘…many residents of a neighbourhood only know of [crime] indirectly via channels that may inflate, deflate or garble the picture’ (Skogan, 1986). An individual’s criminal risk perception is largely blown up and this is by the communication of peers of and on crime, but can only be moderated by their own experience.
The perceptions of the public towards risk of crime…

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