The Fear Of Being Replaced Essay

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Fear of being replaced
According to (Davis, 1936) “Descartes declares jealousy as a kind of fear related to a desire to preserve a possession.” Or else known as property. Property is a fixed amount of rights, obligations, and agreements. In a relationship each should feel as though their significant others is their property. Other example is they should feel as they only get to experience/share special characteristics of that other person. Jealousy arises when their property is threatened. This is the fear of being replaced. Object; public, owner, and rival are factors in jealousy and why someone fears replacement. Object is described by the need, vanity, pride and love of protection. Public has views to the world; along with the social world of a relationship established or jealousy in online contact. Rival has different perspectives of contacts; unilateral contact, mutual contact, and bilateral contact.
Object can be described as the why a person needs a significant other. “Affection assumes that the object is desired in and for itself. It therefore cannot be bought and sold; it is not a means to something else, not an economic thing” Affection can be described as an economic property by being possessed or an uneconomic way; “the attitude which Ego has in each case towards the object-respectively” (Davis, 1936). Object has four elements to describe it; need, vanity, pride, and love.
Organic needs are met by some objects of property. “The object is not valued for itself,…

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