The Fear Of A Monster Essay example

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Frankenstein is a movie that played on social anxieties to create fear amongst viewers. The presence of a monster is scary. Frankenstein is a scientist who creates this scary monster. I find that he is able to create a monster is scary also. With the advancing of scientific research humans are able to create un-normal things. Scientist are constantly research and developing theories to better human like and the existence associate with life. This is fearful because scientists could potentially make evil humans in the near future. We also find out that the “monster” turns against him as he has no control of this human. This is something that is realistic, a scientist could make something for it to soon turn against them and they no control. The loss of control is one that is apparent in many of the movies we have watched throughout the semester and Frankenstein is no different. Frankenstein does not create a normal looking person he creates a scary monster or “the other”. As you can see in figure 1.1 his facial features are scary because they aren 't the "norm." He has yellowish skin, abnormal forehead, big eyes, black hair, black lips, and white teeth all of which make him ugly and scary. Furthermore in the article universal horrors-Frankenstein the monsters head is described as, “the abnormal shape represented how the top of the head would look removed, with more gray mater piled in and a new cranium supplied to accommodate the oversized brain” (page 24). Although many…

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