Essay on The Father Of The Automobile

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The Father of the Automobile Henry Ford, a very successful entrepreneur who had many accomplishments and was one of the most famous people of the 1920’s. Ford proved to many people even if you don 't have the best education or the wealthiest family you can still be successful. Ford grew up on a farm and at a young age he showed interest in machinery and how it all worked. Ford also became a very independent person at a young age leaving home and going to live his dream in the automobile industry which later in his life showed how he became so successful. Henry Ford’s early life ideas, his major accomplishments, and his legacy changed the automobile industry forever and how people viewed everyday life. Ever since Henry Ford was born on a farm in Dearborn, Michigan in 1863 to William and Mary Ford he has shown that he was very intelligent. As a young man Ford 's parents would always have him out of their eight kids to fix up the machinery around the house, because he was so familiar with the farm machinery, his first motorized vehicle was a small tractor he created for his own family 's farm. Ford showed he was very independent at a young age becoming an apprentice at a Detroit auto shop in 1879. Ford gained a lot of experience from the apprenticeship but decided to leave to form his own company. Later on in his early life he married Clara Bryant in 1888. He and his wife had 1 child named Edsel in 1893 which Ford, later in life would pass the company to. Ford believed if you…

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