The Family Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Assignment # 2 the family
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is defined as aggressive or violent behavior within the home, this includes child abuse, elder abuse and intimate partner abuse. Agencies have broken these up into categories, to be better able to research, understand and treat, within this essay we will concentrate on intimate partner abuse. When we look at intimate partner abuse we need to evaluate the four main categories and study the meaning and social consequences individually, to better understand the patterns associated with each. First, we start with common couple violence, a common form resulting in arguments that do not escalate, get physical or cause injury, this is the most common type. Next, we have intimate terrorism, this less common occurrence is usually men perpetrated, in their attempt at control and dominate within the relationship, usually resulting in injury and emotional abuse. The third category is violent resistance, is defined when one partner stands up for themselves resulting in violence. Last, we have mutual violent control the least common is when both partners fight for control and domination within the relationship. The reason to divide these into category is to understand the patterns and risk factors to those involved. Researchers do agree that the cycle of violence either experienced or witnessed can have lasting effects. Women in abusive relationship have higher occurrence of depression and anxiety and children living…

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