Essay about The Family Conflict Of Asian American Communities

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Have you ever experienced family conflict at some point in your life? If so, has it ever affected you mentally? Emotionally? Many people would have answered “yes,” especially those with an Asian background. Dysfunctional families have plagued Asian American communities, leaving a large number of younger generations stressed out. [insert statistics] Several symptoms include self-esteem issues, anxiety, depressive thoughts, leading to suicide ideation in the extreme case. As for Annie Choi of Happy Birthday Or Whatever, her family has its ups and downs. She tried to balance her duties of being a descent of Asian immigrants, while balancing current trends with her western peers. While having an Asian American background as well, I can confirm that Choi and I have a similar experience. I would not say that growing up in a dysfunctional family is the absolute worst. In fact, there is a positive aspect, such as developing a thicker skin through tough love. Then again, each individual interprets their own family differently; one may deal with it with confidence while the latter loses self-control. However, I mainly agree that growing up in a dysfunctional family negatively affects child development, due to the fact that children are exposed to the harsh reality of honor and criticism at an early age. Family honor and control takes a toll on mental health, therefore it affects students of Asian descent. According to Dinn, Asian Americans tend to “include high levels of control…

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