The Family And The Nuclear Family Essay

1903 Words Dec 7th, 2016 8 Pages
When thinking of the “typical” American family or the “Nuclear Family”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most of the time it is one mother, one father, and both parent two children around the same age. The “Nuclear Family” is exactly that. It is a family that consists of only one mother, one father and children. Nonetheless, in the twenty first century there is no longer the presence of the nuclear family. Reasoning for that would be that in today 's society, there are so many more combinations of a “family”, different interpretations, and definitions that the nuclear family just does not fit anymore. Gay marriage is now legal in all fifty states. With gay marriage there are some children that have two fathers or two mothers. There are single parents raising children, the mother is not present, or the father, and even in some cases neither are present. The children then fall into foster care, or family members pick up that responsibility. Now, with all this information it is clear to see why some people argue that the American Family is in trouble. Divorce, blending of families, and poverty takes a toll on any family, which causes the idea that the nuclear family is almost nonexistent. The main focus of this paper is to present both sides of the argument, “Is the American Family in Trouble?”, while providing the necessary information for both sides. I personally will be taking the stance that the American Family IS in trouble. The two people that were…

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