The Myth Of A Nuclear Family

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A nuclear family is described as a dad, a mom, two children, a dog, and live in the suburbs. My family includes myself, my dad, my mom, and brother. We live in the suburbs so we are a nuclear family but I believe most families are different than mine. I think that when you have a family that is not a nuclear family you can be more opened to different experiences which is a good thing. For example, my best friend’s dad died when she was a baby so she never knew her biological father. Instead she had a stepfather who had other kids to his ex-wife so she has stepsiblings. Also her mom and stepfather had children together so she has halfsiblings too. She has had many different experiences growing up than I did. She has learned a lot of things that I will never experience because my family is a nuclear family. The myth of the nuclear family is just a harmless cliché because families now do not always include a mom and a dad, families have more or less than two kids, most people have more than one pet, and people live in different places depending on their jobs. …show more content…
Some families now have parents that are divorced and remarried. Divorce is more common now because it is easier and is not highly frowned upon anymore. So children now have two sets of parents; instead of just a mom and dad they have a mom, dad, stepmom, and stepdad. These families can have children from previous relationships causing the children to have step siblings or half siblings which is nothing like the nuclear family. Some other cases are parents that get pregnant before marriage so it’s just one parent in the family because the other parent left. This happens a lot in teen pregnancies which is occurring more often. Other families are same sex married couples that adopted children. Therefore, some children may have two dads or two moms which is nothing like a nuclear family at

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