Essay The ' Fallen Angels With Axe '

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Fallen Angels with Axe The Ad begins with a dark bedroom as the setting, an angel has clearly fallen from the roof of the bedroom and has landed on top of the bed and broken it into two parts. She is a pretty girl with limited clothing and angel wings. This particular ad is about the product of Axe, which is a cologne for men. It is basically saying: use our product and you will have beautiful angels falling straight into your bed. The target audience is clearly males and, because the males are targeted, they have been left out of the ad. In some ways, this can be compared to an Old Spice print ad in that it is showing you that if males use this product they will attract beautiful females. The advertisers decided on this particular ad because the majority of consumers of their product are males and so they are specifically trying to target the male audience and using a pretty female will certainly do the trick. The main target audience for this particular print Ad for Axe is clearly men. The axe website undoubtedly states that their product is a grooming product for men (Axe). The Ad itself, like described in the above paragraph, excludes men in their Ads because the majority of men will buy a product is simply told it will gain them for female companions. The truth of the matter is that it does not, in fact, give you the power to have angels falling into your bed. Another example would include, the comment by David on The Axe Effect, he simply states "Guess I want a…

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