The Fall Of The Western Roman Empire Essay

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The fall of the western Roman Empire was not caused by the barbarians’ attempts of invasion. Rome fell because a failing tax system and internal strife. The tax system was failing because the Roman Empire had overspent on military exercises and the coin had depreciated in value. As the coin depreciated, taxes were raised and the wealthy fled the cities in an attempt to avoid paying taxes. It is clear that the Roman government understood the threat of usurpers and the dangers that they posed to a united country because the emperors went to great lengths to stop usurpers. The barbarians’ invasion attempts most likely exasperated the issues within the Roman Empire because the emperor would have to choose between stopping the invasion and saving the tax revenue. If the Romans chose not to forcibly remove the barbarians from the land they invaded, then they offered ‘treaties allowing barbarians to settle with autonomy inside the provinces’. During the first two centuries of the Roman Empire it was easier to keep the barbarians away. Barbarian invasions did not cause the end of the western Roman Empire, but barbarians did exploit the Empire’s collapse.
The barbarians were different groups of people who lived outside of the Roman empire. In etymology, barbarians are ‘foreigners, or one whose language and customs is different from the speaker’s [Romans]’. Romans believed that barbarians lived a more primitive, farm based, and nomadic life that the Roman empire had long moved past.…

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