The Failure Of Fantasy Sports Essay

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The Fail in Fantasy Sports
Gone are the days where office workers draw a grid on a piece of paper and place a five dollar bet on a square or two to win the Super Bowl office pool. Daily Fantasy Sports Gaming has boomed in the past few years. The article titled, "Don 't Ban Fantasy Sports. Regulate Them." written by the Bloomberg Online Editorial Board, takes a serious look at the unregulated Daily Fantasy Sports Gaming business. We see commercials with happy players exulting over the easy money they have made with no risks involved – just hop online, play a fun game, and get rich. For many years the gambling industry has been strictly regulated, yet when Congress implemented online gambling standards in 2006, the online gaming sites slid under the radar, because they were not seen as serious gambling arenas. Changes happen, especially when money is to be made. Fantasy Sports Games have upped the ante until they are serious competition for the gaming community – yet fail to provide the safety measures needed for the players.
The premise for this Bloomberg Online Editorial article is that Daily Fantasy Sports, Gaming, "… should be subject to oversight just as other legal forms of wagering are." (Bloomberg), such as casinos, bingo halls, and card rooms. The writers bring to light that this form of online gaming is under scrutiny from a variety of government and state agencies. This article was written with a compassionate view for the gamblers and casts a dubious eye upon the…

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