The Faerie Queene By Edmund Spenser Essay

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Every human beings have been at least lazy once, whether be it taking a nap on a couch or procrastinating till the very last second. Everyone is born to be lazy. However, laziness, that is part of one 's everyday life, is considered to be one of the seven deadly sins. In fact, in an epic poem "the Faerie Queene" by Edmund Spenser, this very sin is personified. In addition, not only is he personified, but also symbolizes in many potentially different ways depending on the interpretation of the reader. Sloth, the name of the personified laziness, is the most talented out of all the seven deadly sins. To find out his talents, research deepens into his characteristics in the story, his symbolization that could mean many, as well as his relation to the story within the bible. Sloth has much to say when it comes to his characteristics. As mentioned in the story, he is depicted as "amis thin, Like to an holy monck.."(Spenser To put it in simpler terms, Sloth is too thin to be called normal underweight size, and he is like a catholic monk. However, despite his Catholic monk look alike, he shows little to no devotion to God whatsoever. Moreover, he is too tired to even show his devotion to God, which sparks a bring about his determination. Sloth shows absolute no determination. Now this triggers a question, how can Sloth be the most talented out of seven of the deadly sin when he is so, lazy?! Well, things get more interesting when it comes down to his…

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