The Fabric Of This World Essay

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In my Master of Divinity program I wrote a paper entitled, “What is the place of work in the Christian Life?” That paper was a reflection on Lee Hardy’s book, The Fabric of This World: Inquiries into Calling, Career Choice and the Design of Human Work.

While Hardy’s work began with an examination of Greek thought in regards to work and leisure, as represented by the works Plato and Aristotle, a contemporary piece might begin with Working, by Studs Terkel, moving from work into theology, as opposed to moving from philosophy and theology into work. And, the people whose stories Terkel recorded in his work hardly describe a human activity that could be the subject of soaring theology. Hardy even acknowledges in his book, “If the interviews conducted in Studs Terkel’s book, Working, are a representative sample, the vast majority of Americans loathe their daily occupations, or, at least find them exceedingly tedious” (Hardy, 5).

Can human work become dehumanized and desacralized to the extent that it becomes profane, perhaps even beyond redemption? What does dehumanized and desacralized work look like, and what should the Church’s witness be regarding such work? Even after the Church has taken a stance, and more than likely been rejected in the marketplace, how should and how does the Church, as the fellowship of believers who follow Jesus of Nazareth, respectfully enter and stand with people suffering while working in descacralized and dehumanized conditions?


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