The Eyes Were Watching God Essays

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What is the significance of the title Their eyes were watching God? Their eyes were watching God is the story of Janie Crawford on a journey to finding true love. Along the way she develops her emotional growth and maturity through her different marriages. She experiences different kinds of love as well. Janie 's first marriage was with an older man who she didn 't really know and of course didn 't love. Janie 's second marriage was with Mayor Jody Starks. They marry and both work together to build up the town of Eatonville. Janie is fascinated with the life she is living. She 's enjoying every part of being the mayors wife. After a while however, Jody start to become very controlling. Not letting Janie wear her hair down, be outside with the townspeople and even abuses Janie. Janie 's third and last marriage is with TeaCake. They both meet unexpectedly and fall in love. Janie and TeaCake run away together to a town called EverGlades. Everything goes well until a hurricane comes along their way and ruins the town. They never leave in the first place because they thought for sure that it wasn 't going to be anything tragic. So how does this story give a significance to the title? This story really does contribute a lot to the title. The significance of the title of Their eyes were watching God has to do with God having the power over everything in life. God plays an important role in the story. He isn 't necessary a character in the book but he is symbolized…

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