Their Eyes Were Watching God Sexism Analysis

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Sexism is a topic that many people have a different viewpoint. While some viewpoints may be for this topic, others, however, are against them. In the story of Their Eyes Were Watching God, this topic make up the troubles that Janine struggled with throughout the story. This gives the reader an outlook on how this topic affected Janine’s life, even at an early age. Throughout this story,the author, Zora Hurston, revolves the book around sexism. However, while many people may think differently, I believe that sexism does take on a big part in this story and what Hutcherson was trying to portray. I agree with Zora Hurston’s viewpoints on sexism. However, not only does Hurston revolve her novel around sexism, but also the disagreements and protests …show more content…
At the beginning of the story, the reader is informed that Janie is reappearing in the town; however, “her reappearance piques the curiosity of all the locals who either criticize (the women) or enjoy (the men) the way she is dressed and how she carries herself as she walks down the road leading to her home” (Hurston 1). Janie is viewed many ways from the beginning to the end in the novel. She is judged by the way she looks, and criticized because of her viewpoints of marriage and life in general. In the town that Janie lives in, it does not matter if people love the person that will become partners or not. The main take away from marriage is to have security, financially and stably. This is one reason how Janie’s views are looked down upon. In the novel, Janie listens to what she believes, whether it is believed right or wrong. Also, sexism comes into action again with the way Janie portrays herself. Janie is a beautiful woman with gorgeous long hair, and she dressed to her own liking, which is what is criticized, mostly by women. Again, this comes into sight when Janie first arrives back into her town in the beginning of the story. However, we as the reader, can see Janie’s struggle with life as she tries to break away from the views of people around

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