Essay about The Expression Of Architecture

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The Expression of Architecture The language is the capacity of transmit and receive some information and understand this message, giving it a signification. It is the base of all communication and exchange in human being interaction. This pattern is not only speaking or texting, all human act have meaning and can transfer some idea – architecture, by it forms and shapes, can express a lot. After The Second Word War a new aesthetic, called Modernism, made architecture and all society to change its way of express. It priming for a simple and minimal language, dictating functionalism and rationalism as rules for all kind of thinking. Surged in Bauhaus school from Germany, Modernism spread itself turning internationally accepted. “Less is more”, a quote from architect Mies van der Hoe, turned basis in our mindset and culture. However, the decades of 60s and 70s came to questioned all the status quo of this era, and the Modern architecture was target of many critiques that hold on still current days. The two mains movements that want to invalid the Modern doctrine are the Post-modernism and the Deconstructivism. They have different argument against Modernism in three big areas: the principles of language, the “vocabularies” and the design.

The Post-modern movement attest that Modernism has an ineffective communication that was harmful and alienated for the public. All buildings of Modernism are empty of meaning; its boxes of glass shape’s cannot represent the truly function…

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