Essay on The Explosive Devices Of The World Wars And Other Conflicts

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nexploded ordnance presents problems to workers and the general public as these explosive devices have been left behind from world wars and other conflicts. Over time these devices have been overlain by sediment at which point they have been buried to where they pose certain dangers to the public, and workers that are contracted for infrastructure projects. There is estimated to be around 15 million acres in unexploded ordnance in the U.S. alone. Geophysicists use Magnetics in order to locate the unexploded ordnance to prevent accidents and damage to infrastructure as these devices may still be active. This is done via a variety of ways and applications. By mainly using magnetic waves we are able to detect certain anomalies in data to a certain depth in order to locate these devices, and remove them effectively to prevent any damage to people and buildings. However data acquisition presents its problems because of surrounding ferrous objects causing noise in the data and also mistaking other objects as UXOs and UXBs (unexploded ordnance, and unexploded bombs). Magnetic surveys can be done a variety of ways. The preferred method depends on the depth in which must be surveyed and also the geology of the surrounding sediment in which the survey will take place as this is also a big factor. Overall the identification and process in which it takes to find and extract UXO’s is no easy task, which is why special equipment and analysis is required.
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