The Explanation Of 'Anuttarobhava' Be Regressive?

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The question, ‘why? can become infinitely regressive because for any answer you can again ask ‘why?’. In this context, an ancient rishi said, “Anuttarobhava” - “become answerless”. Every answer only pushes the question a little further for every answer brings forth further questions. There is no end to a question-answer session. It can go on forever! So, it was said, “Anuttarobhava”- ‘go beyond questions…and be answerless’ for, your Being has the solution to all questions. ‘Turn every question to wonder. A question creates violence and wonder creates silence! A question is looking for an answer, while wonder is a question that is not looking for an answer.’ ‘A question mark is bent; it is misery, it is violence. Straighten the bend and it becomes an exclamation mark- it is joy, it is silence.’
Probably, no other word has as many dimensions as ‘silence/. In the spiritual sense, it is a metaphor for inner silence and contemplation. In the social context, it could mean defiance, fear, respect ignorance or even concurrence. In legal terminology, the accused has the right to remain silent. In arguments, a well-timed silence can be an effective tool to frustrate the opponent.
Silence could be as powerful as sound. In a world of noise that borders on cacophony-full of honking vehicles, cries of vendors, bhajans and kirtans blaring from loudspeakers, constant announcements at railway stations and shopping malls - silence holds its own. It can convey emotion, anger or distance and

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