Essay on The Experience Of Bull Riding

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There are many moments in our lives that shape the kind of person we become. These moments can range from happy to sad, and little to monumental. At the time, it is hard to see the kind of impact that these moments will have, but, looking back, it is quite evident just how important certain moments can be. One moment in my life that has stood out was my third state championship in junior bull riding. It may seem odd for the third, and not the first, state championship to stand out in my mind, but this is the case. The reasoning behind this is the struggle I went through to obtain this championship. Through the struggle, I learned that I was able to fight through anything that life could throw at me if I believed in myself and kept the same burning passion for bull riding that I had when I first started at the age of eight, and still hold to this day.
It all began in Lander, Wyoming at the start of the 2013 WJRA (Wyoming Junior Rodeo Association) Winter Series Season. I was a returning champion to the Winter Series and I planned on bringing in a third championship, my second coming from the Summer Series rodeos. There were four rodeos all together, two in Lander and the final two in Laramie. At the first rodeo, I breezed by the competition. I had this one in the bag. There was just one problem. As I was riding, I obtained an enormous blister on my right hand, my riding hand. I could hardly make a fist, let alone squeeze a bull rope. So for the second rodeo, my father and I…

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