Essay about The Expansion Of Westward Expansion

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Starting in the late 18th century, the United States began moving west. Due increased land exhaustion in the South and the heavily felt pernicious effects of the Embargo Act of 1807 in the North, many people wanted to start over and get a new chance at gaining riches. The west gave Americans this chance of starting over, as there were cheap lands in the Ohio territory and the presence of land speculators made the purchase of land easier than ever before. Drawn in by the desire of personal gain, people began to settle land from the Mississippi to areas as far as the Rocky Mountains. With the help of new technologies, like the steamboat and the railroad, the west was more easily accessible. Most would think that westward expansion would relieve social, political, and economic tensions, as the nation had to force itself to be physically connected as a result; however, westward expansion actually increased social, political, and economic tensions because the country failed to solve the critical underlying issues created as a result of expansion. Many people would argue that, as the United States expanded into the west, tensions decreased due to a newfound “interconnectedness” created by transportation revolution. New technologies were introduced to connect a nation that was expanding westward. During the transportation revolution, steamships as well as railroads were introduced which created more jobs, increased trade, connected the nation’s economy, formed…

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