Essay on The Expansion Of Westward Expansion

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Westward Expansion

The antebellum period of US history was a time of immense change for the United States. Not only was the United States expanding its territory westward, but also other important social and political changes were constantly taking place. The expansion was the cause for a lot of the social issues of the time, especially with the Indian removal issue. Expanding westward was a monumental achievement for the United States because of obvious reasons; it created more land for agriculture. This increase in the agriculture production created the need for more labor, which then increased the slavery issues of the time. The biggest change for the United States during the antebellum period was the expansion of the United States that stemmed from various issues throughout the US such as Indian removal and slavery. These issues helped continue the expansion Westward. While the expansion westward opened up many opportunities for Americans, it created a number of issues. The first to move westward, in fact, were the Native Americans who were forced to leave their territories and move west. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was an act, which created the exchange of land between the Indians residing in American territories, and for Indian removal west of the Mississippi. This was ultimately to help the United States gain more land for farming, not just to remove the Indians from American territory. However, there were moral issues with Indian removal…

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