The Expansion Of Westward Expansion Essay

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In the first half of the 1800s, America would double in size from the original thirteen British colonies to the entire span of the continent, from the east to the west coast. This was mainly due to the idea of Manifest destiny, defined as the god given right to expand westward and cover the entire continent. Numerous expansionist events took place throughout the period, such as the Louisiana Purchase, the Oregon treaty, and the Mexican secession. All of these imperialistic events allowed Americans to push westward, but it created many proponent and opponents, to expansion. It greatly damaged the national unity the north and south had. However, every debate about westward expansion has led to the actions of the United States’ government and has developed the country as it is recognized as today.. Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, right before the War of 1812 with Britain and their allies. Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican, and he had to adhere to his party’s principles, which believed in strict constructionism. And according to this ideal, the government did not have the right to make large purchases such as that, and they could not buy land to expand the country because the constitution did not specify that right. But Jefferson strayed away from his party’s ideals with this idea. Even the federalists were against the Louisiana Purchase, although they were usually loose constructionists. For example, a federalist from Vermont by the name of…

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