The Expansion Of The United States Essay

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During the 18th and 19th century, the United States was experiencing rapid expansion and growth. The purchases of a wide expanses of land, like the Louisiana Purchase, allowed for the territorial expansion of the United States. This allowed presidents after Thomas Jefferson, who spearheaded western expansion, to follow suit with the idea of expansionism.1 While many other treaties and purchases helped with America’s growth, other factors also played into American territorial expansion. The very idea of Manifest Destiny, the success of colonization by the British, and speculation were factors that helped prompt the western expansion.
As with most movements in past and modern times, it all began with a singular idea that helped power or motivate the leaders of the movement. This would be the case with Manifest Destiny, which helped motivate thousands of people to expand America’s territory. Manifest Destiny, also called exceptionalism, helped power the years long growth of American territory.2 The ideal of Manifest Destiny was not only used to justify the expansion of the United States as a destined process, but also to validate the wrongful treatment of Native Americans and Mexicans. 3 The phrase was first used by John L. O’ Sullivan and Cora Montgomery, who possibly created the phrase, in the United States Democratic Review in 1839. Furthermore, the term was used to endorse the annexation of Texas by saying it was America’s “Manifest Destiny to overspread the continent…

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