The Expansion Of The United States Essay

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In the early nineteenth century, America had begun its’ expansion. President Thomas Jefferson had purchased the Louisiana territory from France in 1803. The Louisiana Purchase extended from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to New Orleans. With the purchase of this territory, Amercian had begun its’ journey moving westward. As America and the possibilities of independence expanded, the institution of slavery also expanded. Therefore, discussion about whether or not slavery would be allowed in the new western states grew amongst people. As a result, compromises were developed and established such as the Missouri compromise of 1820. Overall, the growth of slavery in the early to mid-nineteenth century led to a growing separation over the institution of slavery and the meaning of freedom. Westward expansion was an important and exciting time period for America. After purchasing the Louisiana territory from France, states were beginning to flourish in the western area. This meant the possibility of an increase in the population of slaves and an economic boost. For instance, in 1790 the population of slaves was at 697,624 and by 1810 the population of slaves rose to 1,191,362 (Unit 4, PWP). The increase of population of slaves by the early nineteenth century marked the beginning when the meaning of freedom and the institution of slavery diverged. The majority of slaves existed in the South because of the production of cotton. A small amount of 6.2…

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