Essay on The Existence Of Other Intelligent Species

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Are we alone in the universe? Are we, human beings, the only living beings in the universe? Are there others out there? There are many questions that can be asked regarding life beyond our planet. Whether or not we are alone in this life has been a question the human race has been asking since the very beginning. We constantly question our own existence, as well as the possible existence of other intelligent species. Among the questions asked are, have we been visited by them? do they live among us? are they intelligent enough to get to us if they are out there? are they out there but we are the most advanced? These questions force us to ponder many different outcomes regarding extraterrestrial life.
Are they out there? Were they out there? If Aliens have touched down on Earth, would they have stayed or packed their bags and left. Given we did not dissect them and/or force them out. A scenario where they live among us is not completely irrational. There are constant unknown phenomena and sightings happening all around the world on any given day. Is they did have the power to hide in plain sight, why would they? Are they afraid of what we would do if they were discovered? I know I would be. If I were an alien looking down on earth, would I want to make contact? Given that I can, my civilization is more advanced with just the possibility. With all of the wars, pain, suffering, movies of humans killing aliens, why would I even want to make my presence known. In all honesty, I…

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