The Mystery Of God, By Richard Brunner

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The Bible is the word of God, but the Bible can only nourish us “if it is understood and personally appropriated as God’s own word” in the flesh (Preface 1). Jesus Christ, the word of God incarnate came down to earth so that we not only could receive salvation, but so that all people can have a relationship with Him. This straightforward approach starts the book off on the right foot, and I enjoy how direct he is in this foreword.
While this short introduction is good, it certainly is not a blanket statement, as He leaves out much of the reason that people should read the Bible. While this does introduce the book nicely, I would have liked to see Brunner go into a little more detail about the book instead of giving the reader such a short introductory statement.
God is not something that can be quantifiably explained in “scientific investigation,” nor is He someone bound by the limitations of space and time, as He is the Alpha and the
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One important point that Brunner makes is that humans inherently know “nothing of [God]” except what God Himself has revealed to humans (11). This point is important because the mystery of God is not a riddle that is to be solved, and God is not something that can be quantified. God is a being that is beyond imagination and description, and human means of description barely scrape the surface of the majesty and magnificence of the creator of the universe, a distinction that he rightly makes
The example that Brunner uses to describe God coming to man is that of a King “dismounting from his horse” to take the hand of a beggar (15). While no illustrations are perfect, this does not begin to capture the immensity of what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus not only came down to take the beggar hand, but also walked with the beggar and washed the dirty feet of the beggar. If Brunner had gone into more detail in this section, he may have been able to better explain the immensity of Jesus’ work on the

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