The Existence Of God By Thomas Aquinas Essay

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Existence of God due to Efficient Causes Gods have been worshiped by many cultures throughout the entirety of human existence. Gods are seen as saviors, and every culture around the world maintains their own interpretation of God. Just like Gods have been idolized, they have also been questioned. Many philosophers throughout history have debated the question of whether God exists. In his paper The Existence of God, Thomas Aquinas claims that God exists because he is the first efficient cause of all things in the universe (43). Even though critics of this argument maintain that there can be many concurrent causes to all events, this paper will argue that God exists because he is the exception to this objection. Through the works of Aquinas, it is claimed that God exists due to him being the cause of all occurrences in the universe. Since he is the first cause, the effects of his actions have changed the world to be what it is today (43). First of all, in order to create change, it is taking something that is potential and making it actual. The only way that can occur is if the thing that caused the change is also something real (43). This goes to prove that the first efficient cause must exist and be real in order to create the change required to spark the chain. The change will only occur if some other external force is acting on it. In this world, efficient causes create a pathway of effects. This chain cannot extend back to infinity, so there must be a first prior cause…

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