Essay about The Evolutionary Point Of View

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Ethological-Evolutionary Viewpoint
Even though, researchers demonstrated that most children will be become attached by the second half of their maiden year of life. It is interesting that the nature and quality of this relationship differ greatly from child to child. Some infants are especially relaxed and secure in the presence of their mother or caregivers, and some seem anxious and uncertain. I would concur with the authors on the concept on ethological-evolutionary point of view. Bond is the strong emotional attachment that develops between infant and mother or caregiver, providing the infant with emotional security. The interactions between the infant’s attachment behavior and other behaviors in the Strange Situation with mothers. An attachment may be identified as an affectional tie that a person or animal forms between self and other beasts. Since, Ethology is concerned with the adaptive or survival value of behavior and its evolutionary history (Hinde, 1989). Agreeing to the ethologist, view babies are biologically inclined to contribute actively to build a bond with their female parents or caregivers, which elevate the prospects for their individual genes to pull through. Since, ethologists believe that infant’s behaviors can be best seen in terms of their adaptive value, they seek a total understanding of the entire organism-environment scheme, including physical, societal, and cultural aspects (Hinde, 1989). Even though, Ethology emphasizes the genetic and…

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