The Evolution Of Man Nothing Stands Out More Than The Word `` Bipedalism ``

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When looking back on the evolution of man nothing stands out more than the word “bipedalism” this is what kicked us off the ledge to start us on the path of walking upright completely and gave us the dominated figure we all have today. Now let’s take it from the beginning the earliest forms of human beings used to climb tress and would walk on the ground, this use of flexibility allowed early humans to get around in such diverse habitats and also to be able to cope with the many changing climates (Smithsonian Museum). But something happened about 6 million years ago it is shown in the oldest evidence that the first of the earliest humans to become bipedal was known was, Sahelanthropus. It is said that being that Sahelanthropus could walk upright that this skill helped this species survive in the diverse habitats where they would like mostly including grasslands and also forests, this is just the tip of the iceberg as soon it will be noticed on how bipedalism is shown by how our body is and how our bones are structured hence the term “Written on our bodies” was coined. But how exactly is bipedalism represented from our bodies and how it important was for earliest form of man and how massively important it was for human evolution in general. (Smithsonian Museum)
It all starts off with the leg support, it is shown that this thigh bone is still similar in size as other species of large apes but this is when we see that the angled parts are shown to exhibit some resemblance to…

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