Essay about The Evolution Of Human Physical Evolution

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During a series of ecological disasters including an ice age and a period of extensive solar radiation, the tardigrade, one of nature’s “extremophiles”, was able to evolve physically to the extent where the microscopic organism can decrease its metabolism to a miniscule amount making it able to survive whatever conditions it faces. As it is unknown to how the tardigrade was able to evolve to that extent, a plausible answer is contingency, a theory that evolution sometimes occurs by chance. Lastly, the tardigrade parallels the idea of the “Posthuman” as its ability to survive is far greater than the human’s ability to survive, making the tardigrade a model for the advancement of human physical evolution. Just because humans cannot communicate with the tardigrade, does not mean that humans cannot learn from their traits that aid survival.
The first event in the evolutionary history of the tardigrades that challenged the survival of the species was a series of ice ages, each lasting millions of years. An ice age occurs when the earth’s axis around the sun is tilted a few degrees, which causes mass changes on the surface of the earth, including the development of mile-thick glaciers, and severe decreases in the earth’s temperature. During an ice age, many species of all types became extinct due to their inability to adapt to their drastically changing environment. Large animals, including most famously- wooly mammoth and sabre-tooth cats, died off during this period. Smaller…

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