Symbolism In The Eyes Were Watching God

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A plant is part of nature, it lives and dies like humans. Nature evolves into a greater understanding in life, it has a meaning to why it lives. In The Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, it illustrates how Janie’s life was represented by nature and how her life changed because of it. The changes in life happen for many reasons and are reflected upon nature's surroundings. Nature speaks to Janie in a way that only she understands why it changes the perspectives in life. The symbols of nature are represented metaphorically to Janie, as she changes so does nature. Nature is around Janie and she can’t avoid it, follows her everywhere she goes. The pear tree represents Janie, it reacts to her emotions physically. The pear tree also represents beauty and pleasure,“She bolted upright and peered out of the window and saw Johnny Taylor lacerating Janie” (Hurston 29), Nanny didn’t take it well, that was Janie’s first kiss and sexual desires, but it was also the end of her childhood. After that kiss the pear tree started to wilt, the kiss was a reminder of Nanny and her own daughter, and didn’t want Janie to
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For example, “Everybody was having fun at the mule-baiting. All but Janie”(Hurston 75) Janie saw how the mule was being abused physically and Janie felt the same way with the relationship between her and Jody. The mule is a symbol to Janie’s mistreatments that she is facing with Jody, the sufferings of abuse Janie faces symbolizes how the mule was being abused. Hair is symbolized as power and identity, Janie’s hair was loved by others, it was seen as attractive. Jody didn’t want her hair to be shown any where outside the house, “Her hair was NOT going to show in the store” (Hurston 73), Jody was jealous that the other men looked and touched it while she didn’t notice. Jody demanded her to hide her hair so no one would see it, and wouldn’t

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