Essay about The Evolution Of Genetic Engineering

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The Evolution of Genetic Modification

The conventional genetic alteration of the makeup of plants has been occurring for millennia; harvesting the seeds from the best crops and planting them years down the line; breeding and crossbreeding certain genes to make foods grow bigger and give them a sweeter taste. Through this intuitive process, humans have managed to transform the small, wild tomato into a number of different varieties: from big to small, beefsteak to grape, revolutionizing the food industry with every step taken (Journal of Biotechnology). Because of the invention of GM foods, individuals across the globe are given the opportunity to broaden their palate to that of a more diverse level, allowing for a happier and healthier lifestyle. However, with the evolution of technology also comes great controversy. (Journal of Biotechnology)
The techniques of genetic engineering have evolved tremendously. Genetic engineers have the ability to take any gene from any living organism and insert it into practically any other organism. Not only are these transgenic products customized to fulfill the desires of society, but they are also claimed to be safer for human consumption than unaltered organisms. Professor Dean DellaPenna of Michigan State University points out that “risks are everywhere in our food supply.” In favor of genetically engineered foods, DellaPenna assures that scientists “minimize risks by doing rigorous testing” on these items. However, in question of the…

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