Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified food
Nobody knows that how big the market of genetically modified foods will be in the future. Nobody knows that how serious the final effect of genetically modified foods will be. Nobody knows that how to deal with the damage for humans、animals and environment that caused by genetically modified foods. Despite all these, officials have long been aware of the problems in planting or eating genetically modified foods, according to news reports. In some cases, the most important problems lie in the genetically modified foods that the damage is irreversible to human、animal organs and the ecological environment. Thus, genetically modified foods may have some advantages on disease resistant、output and so on, but rejecting genetically
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The following three simple examples will make you think that this is not the case. Firstly, genetically modified foods will also harm animals' reproductive systems; some tests on animals have proved that. Next, we must think deeply--according to the genetic science, if animals' reproductive systems are destroyed by genetic engineering, what will happen to their next generation? Secondly, genetically modified foods will produce bad result in pesticide-resistant insects. “Monsanto has created GMO crops that contain something known as BT, which is a toxin incorporated into the crops with the intention of killing off insects. However, has actually led to ‘mutant’ insect populations which are directly resistant to the bio pesticide. Reports state that at least 8 insect populations have developed resistance. As a result, farmers must spray even more pesticides!” Thirdly, the pollen from genetically modified crops will kill butterfly larvae or harm to honeybee, there are two main bad results about that---other crops and plants may lose the tool of pollination, and they will be pollution by the pollen from genetically modified crops and …show more content…
It is safe? The answer is “no”. The trial of planting genetically modified foods is also harmful to environment. These damages are from three aspects: planting genetically modified crops can cause the “invasive supper-weeds”, Statistics show that “the usage of herbicide has spawned over 1200 million hectares of ‘herbicide-resistant supersedes’ that have destroyed the farmland in which they reside”;(引)field trials of genetically modified foods will cause irrecoverable damage to the soil, it will lead more crop failure, if hunger is a problem among your country, this situation will be more dangerous; The trial of genetic engineering will lead biological pollution in a very short period, according to some research; this pollution is more dangerous than chemical

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