The Evils Of Social Media Essay

1479 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Aly Keller
Mrs. Bellettiere
American Literature
20 December 2016 Evils of Social Media How many times does the average person think or hear about terrorism? The answer is way too often, even from scrolling on social media pages and looking in the daily newspapers. Americans everyday see disturbing pictures and videos that are taken from news reports to show the horrific attacks that the Middle East causes on the world. Terrorism is taking over social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Along with CNN and ABC, terrorism is getting all the advertisement and propaganda that they desire. Terrorism is infiltrating American society from social media. ISIS loves to use Twitter and social media to launch propaganda and recruit supporters around the world (Hearts and Minds and ISIS: The Terrorists Win When We Attack Each Other). Ted Poe, in “Time to Silence Terrorists on Social Media”, discusses how a common question asked from many American citizens is, why is Twitter doing nothing to shut ISIS’s page down. During World War Two, when the Nazi’s were in Germany; Germany would never allow the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler to post an advertisement in the newspapers to get recruiters. American citizens are confused and concerned about why the social media sites are allowing them to post videos of them beheading American citizens and shooting innocent children from around the world. However, Twitter cannot do anything to prevent them from posting their advertisements, because of…

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