9/11 Research Papers

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On September 11, 2001 the world watched in horror as two planes flew into the World Trade Center killing thousands of people. It’s a day we all remember, sitting watching the events unfold. I remember where I was and watching the events on TV, not fully understanding what was happening. Fifteen years later this is an event we are studying about in history books. Yet, the details that have unfolded in the last fifteen years shine a different light on the devastating attacks of 9-11.

After choosing to write my paper on the events of September 11th I wanted to find a website that offered a deeper look into the attacks. Within my research I found many sites with facts pertaining to 9-11 but decided on the cigpapers website because of the
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This building was a 47- story structure made out of steel that collapsed at 5:20 pm on the day of the attacks. It was reported that it collapsed “allegedly due to damage and fire from the Twin Towers attack.”(cigpapers) The details release about this state that “it was not hit by an airplane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers.”(cigpapers) Speculation regarding how the twin towers and building 7 fell has been a widely know controversy since reports came …show more content…
A basic fact is that the United States government covers up facts and the total truth will never be uncovered. Within US history there are thousands of conspiracy involving the United States government. These conspiracy interesting to learn about are still just conspiracies with no proof every found. All in all September 11th is a tragic day in history that will live on in the memories of the people who witnessed the events. We will forever morn the deaths of the innocent people involved and hope we learn how to prevent an event such as this from ever happening

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