The Evil Of The World With The Existence Of God Essay

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If God exists, why is there so much evil in the world? God is described as an all-good (omnibenevolent), all-knowing (omniscient), and all-powerful (omnipotent), overall superior being. We believe that if God is real and he is what he is portrayed to be, there should be no evil. This presents us with the problem of evil: the difficulty of reconciling the existence of suffering and other evils in the world with the existence of God. (Lawhead 364). There are two different kinds of evil that exist; moral evil, which is caused by distraught and pained humans inflicting pain and torture to others, leaving humans morally responsible, and there is natural evil, in which we have no control over. Things such as the weather, diseases, disabilities, etc. but why does this matter? Why are we making such a huge connection between God and evil? First and foremost, people base their religious beliefs on the justification of God creating and allowing evil to occur. Charles Darwin, an English naturalist and geologist created an argument towards the problem of evil in which was defended by John Hick in the Greater Good defense, and criticized by Edward H. Madden and Peter H. Hare. Together, we will explore why God creates evil and whether him doing so is justified or not. Charles Darwin’s argument is as follows:
1. God is all-good.
2. God is all-knowing.
3. God is all-powerful.
4. Evil exists.
5. If God exists, then evil should not exist…

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