Do God And Evil Coincide? Essay

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Rebecca Berger
Philosophy 101
October, 15, 2015
Do God and Evil Coincide?

The issue with the presence of evil and the existence of God is most commonly the question of “if God is all powerful and all good, why does evil exist?” or “if evil exists then would God not be all-powerful or all-good?” If God was an all-powerful being then He would be able to prevent evil things – war, disabilities, natural disasters, etc. – from happening, but since they seem to occur every day, He must not be all-powerful, and therefore must not exist since God is described all an all-powerful all-good being. Corresponding to that if God was all-good then evil should not exist, but because evil does exist, God must not be all-good, and therefore making God nonexistent since God should be an all-good being. Although these are good arguments, some evil is only man’s fault, not God’s, and some things that we think are evil are not actually what we think they are.

There are many philosophers that support the possible existence of God; one of them is Hick, who proves a very valid point that other philosophers had overlooked. There are two views that Hick describes on how God and evil coincide: Augustinian and Irenaean. The Augustinian view believes that all evil comes from “the Fall” referring to the story of Adam and Eve. At once there was supposedly no evil in the world, but when Eve – a human capable of making mistakes – decides that her and her significant other should eat a fruit that…

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