Do God And Evil Coincide?

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Rebecca Berger
Philosophy 101
October, 15, 2015
Do God and Evil Coincide?

The issue with the presence of evil and the existence of God is most commonly the question of “if God is all powerful and all good, why does evil exist?” or “if evil exists then would God not be all-powerful or all-good?” If God was an all-powerful being then He would be able to prevent evil things – war, disabilities, natural disasters, etc. – from happening, but since they seem to occur every day, He must not be all-powerful, and therefore must not exist since God is described all an all-powerful all-good being. Corresponding to that if God was all-good then evil should not exist, but because evil does exist, God must not be all-good, and therefore making
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His argument is that if God is all-good he would not create evil and if he is all-powerful then he would eliminate evil. He also says that you could deny the fact that evil exists, but it does exist. He also states that the people who claim God is not all-good do not mean it and that the people who claim He is not all-powerful do not mean it, however for God to be God he has to wholly be good and powerful. His argument is then supposed to prove that there is no God. He says that we try to come up with solutions so that God can logically exist, but they all fail at creating any logical arguments. One of our solutions is that good cannot exist without evil, but he says this is a fallacy because if God had limitless power then he could create good without evil, which means God does not exist. Next is that evil is as a means to good which is a huge restriction to God’s power because it is basically saying that God has to follow some sort of rule. Lastly there is the idea that evil exists because humans have free will; God could have and should have created us to only know and act good, which would then mean that evil would never have existed if he was actually all-powerful. He says that this disproves God because we would not have been created like this if he really were all-powerful, but I believe there was a …show more content…
however some people believe that the natural evil brings humans together to do good things. God’s ultimate goal for us is to achieve the greatest goodness, which is to become perfect. Although people are dying in these disasters, this is the kind of would we could expect from a traditionally Christian God. These disasters would occur despite human evil, so maybe God wants us to believe that at any moment we could die and our lives would end however we left it. Whether our lives were spent doing good things or if our lives were the epitome of evil itself and we had never did anything but benefit ourselves, would be what determines our

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