The Everlasting Cycle Of Racial Injustice By Ava Duvernay

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The Everlasting Cycle of Racial Injustice Ava DuVernay, the director of the film titled “13th”, comes from a background of highly appreciated films such as, Selma, Middle of Nowhere, and I Will Follow. In addition to her impactful media presentations, she was also mentioned in the Fortune Magazine’s 50 Greatest World Leaders of 2017. From the relinquishment of the civil war to our present era, the documentary provides an accurate and detailed time lapse of how african americans continue to be the main ingredient to mass incarceration within the U.S.
In the documentary, the process of dehumanization within the general african american public is shown as early as the aftermath of the civil war. After the civil war, slaves were released into a corrupt economic state that made it impossible to integrate with the population and that’s where the 13th amendment plays a key role in the newly found method of slavery. Instead of owning slaves, the U.S. discovered that they could criminalize the majority of african americans an order to help rebuild the economy. President after president, african americans continue to be targets for authorities and any heroic figure representing minorities will be shut down as soon as possible. Martin Luther King Jr, Angela Davis, and Fred Hampton are all examples of heroic figures that caused fear among those that supported segregation. And those that supported segregation were obligated to eliminate threats in order to keep the world free of

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