The Events That Changed My Life Essay

785 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
The events that happen in life are meant to inculcate the person you are supposed to become. Life and the events that have come with it have taught me just that. There are numerous events that occur in your life. The moment where you learn to read, the time you helped a friend with something, or the events of spending time with family during the holidays. Moments like these have ‘made a large impact on how I see life. While everyday occurrences don’t give such an impact. Some will help you develop in skills for the future while others were just not as important. (Chippendale & Boltz). Interestingly, there is always this one event that virtually compels you to change inadvertently. On January 12,2010, my life was changed forever. - 130 Growing up in Kuwait, my father was a simple and wise man who always tried to help others in the community by either listening to their problems or giving a helping hand in events. Because of his wisdom, his fellow congregants elected him to be their pray leader of our mosque. He was respected for his considered opinions on almost every aspect of life. During the weekends, there was always a visitor at our home seeking advice from my father. Ironically, being his youngest son, I was fond of squandering my time between lying in bed and eating kiwi fruit my mother would bring from the grocery store.-108 However, as much as I enjoyed being lazy my father was not happy with my life choices. Instead of yelling at me, he always settled on a…

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