The Ethnic Origins Of Hip Hop Essay

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Hip hop finds its ethnic origins in Jamaican music and DJs in the seventies who used two turntables to create longer drum breaks in records for dance parties giving rise to “break dancing” and “break dancers” now known as b-boys and B-girls (A Closer Look at a New Hip Hop Movement). DJs and MCs popularized the technique of speaking over beats and the culture expanded to include street dance and graffiti art. Embraced by working class urban and young African-Americans, the music stems from African American forms of music including jazz, soul, gospel, and reggae.
“Afrika Bambaataa basically is The One”, says Jeff Chang, hip-hop historian and author of the book Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Bambaataa’s role was carrying the gospel of hip hop. He came of age in the South Bronx during the 1970s and used his charisma to rise to the rank of warlord in a local gang called Black Spades. After traveling to Africa, he decided to borrow a motto from an earlier decade: wage love, not war. He decided to use his influence to turn the Black Spades into a peaceful organization called the Zulu Nation. “Bambaataa had this vision of hip-hop as a force for social change,” says Chang. “He had the history and street credibility to make this narrative acceptable to even the hardest of hard heads… He was the guy who articulated that hip-hop could be a cultural movement.” In 1977, Bambaataa started throwing block parties where he would preach the four elements of the newly coined hip-hop…

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