The Ethics Of Smoking Before The Game Essay example

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Smoking before the game
One of the ethical dilemma I faced, involved sports. I dated this girl for a while, and I go to the football games at her school, she was in band. But what I started noticing was the team never seemed to win, and I leaned that one reason was most would go out smoking weed before the game. Most of the main players in Dixies Greyhounds team hung around each other, and also smoked together which impacted the whole team.
Also most of the band would meet up and hang out with the football team and smoke, mostly weed but also there where some who used mushrooms. This could have even came back to affect me. At the time, the girl I dated would hung around them, so that could have easily hurt my future job in law enforcement if I happen to be around them when/ if they got busted. This is an ethical dilemma because, this could have cost someone their future. If the team got turned in then anyone getting a college scholarship would lose it, and or get jail time. Also on the other hand they were doing something stupid and illegal, and by doing so they hurt the team. Out of the whole session the Greyhounds only won two games, and funny enough it was after the one player who used, left the team. His leaving might not have had anything to do with the wins, but it did remove some drugs from the team.
The same thing goes for the band, if anyone from the band got turned then it would cost the whole band. Something else, anyone getting a college scholarship would…

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