Carol Gilligan's Ethical Theories Of Deontology, Virtue Ethics

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We often hear the phrase, “do the right thing,” but how does one determine what is right and wrong in situations where this is complicated and unclear? The study of ethics is applicable to situations such as these and can help us to determine the morality of our choices. Consider the following case about Mary, a hypothetical friend who has come to you for advice about her future. She explains how her parents have high expectations for her and are even offering to pay for all of her college expenses if she goes into a career in either medicine or law. However, Mary is actually interested in photography, and she is considering running away with her boyfriend to California to become a photographic artist. According to this case, would it be ethical …show more content…
This theory asserts that a person should act as one who cares and seek a mutually beneficial solution. In the other moral theories that we examined, Mary’s situation is a conflict of interest with only two solutions; she could either disregard her personal desires while pleasing her parents or fulfill her dreams while disappointing her parents. However, ethics of care erases this conflict and finds a way for everyone’s needs to be met, making a mutually beneficial solution possible. Particular to Mary’s case, ethics of care does not promote running away. This is because running away is inconsiderate of both Mary and her parents’ needs. Running away would cut ties between her and her parents, which would deny her parents of a lasting connection with her and also deprive Mary of needed parental support. To avoid this situation, it is essential for Mary to remember the value of her relationship with her parents and understand that they would be sorrowful if she were to suddenly run off. Instead, she should act with care towards them while also considering her own happiness and needs. It is apparent that studying medicine or law will not give Mary the same level of happiness as doing the job that she loves, so she should communicate this concern to her parents. This is one way that she can strengthen her relationship with them and build increased trust. Through their discussion, Mary’s parents may come to better understand

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