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Ethics Personal Statement – FA16 BA 342

Ethics are the rules that one considers subconsciously when making a decision. Regardless of the choice made, ones ethical views are shown in each decision. In general, I believe everyone chooses the decision that they believe is ethically correct, however in certain situations, people may choose the decision that does not align with their ethics even if they are aware that it is not. An example of such is when I was 8 years old and my third grade class was hosting a pizza party. During the pizza party everyone was allowed one slice, but I had not eaten breakfast that day so I was exceptionally hungry. After everyone had gotten their slice, I noticed that there were a few extra.
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Ethics are important to my career because I would not want to be in an environment that does not align with my ethical standpoint. Being in a workplace that does not care about ethics may pressure me to make decisions that differ from my ethical views. An occasion such as this actually did happen when I was a teaching assistant at the Chinese language school in my town. The school was built entirely on volunteers and donations, so the school really did not have many funds. There was no income besides the students buying books. However, at the end of each semester, the parents of the students would chip in to buy a gift for the teacher. Usually all of the parents would give a cash donation to the teaching assistant who would then go out and purchase a gift for the teacher. The system worked quite well for the most part except when teaching assistants began to take some of the cash for themselves instead of putting all of it toward a gift to the teacher. It slowly became so frequent that it was almost expected that the teaching assistant would take some for himself or herself. However, this fact was only known among the teaching assistants because everyone would all go out together to buy gifts for their respective teacher. The town I came from was rather small so if any of the teaching assistants brought this issue to administration, the whole town would know. I believe that fact is why the few teaching assistants who did not engage in the unethical behavior and myself did not tell anyone about the issue. I feared retaliation and did not wish to create a large issue out of a few dollars. Looking back, I feel that I should have reported the issue because not reporting it was also an unethical decision on my

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