The Ethics Of Human Service Professionals Essay

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Jefferson works with adults on probation and has just heard one of his clients tell how she punishes her six-month- old child which seems excessive to him
Human service professionals protect the client 's right to privacy and confidentiality except when such confidentiality would cause serious harm to the client or others, when agency guidelines state otherwise, or under other stated conditions (e.g., local, state, or federal laws). Human service professionals inform clients of the limits of confidentiality prior to the onset of the helping relationship. (“National organization for human services”,2015) Section one standard three, this standard directly applies because the client tells of an act of abuse against a six –month- old. Assuming Jefferson had told his client of the limits of confidentiality beforehand the client was aware of her right and he should report it. If it is suspected that danger or harm may occur to the client or to others as a result of a client 's behavior, the human service professional acts in an appropriate and professional manner to protect the safety of those individuals. This may involve, but is not limited to, seeking consultation, supervision, and/or breaking the confidentiality of the relationship (“National organization for human services”,2015) This is Section one standards four this applies directly to the situation the client admitted to causing harm to a child, therefore, the child is in danger.…

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