Essay on The Ethics Of Human Service Professionals

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It is a simple fact of life that at some point in our lives, we will be faced with a moral dilemma. These situations arise due to the fact that as professionals, we are bombarded with the ethical standards and principles of different stakeholders. We all develop a personal moral code, but what are we to do when this code differs from the code of our employer? The code our customers/clients? The law? It is when we are faced with these opposing ethical codes that we are faced with a dilemma in how to proceed. To help navigate these types of situations, it is imperative that human service professionals rely on a logical and comprehensive decision-making process (Woodside & McClam, 2015, p. 286).

Helpers must first truly understand the nature of problem that has provoked the ethical dilemma (Woodside & McClam, 2015, p. 291). Effective solutions are founded in properly identifying what the issue is; without first understanding the problem, any solution will simply be a stab in the dark and could potentially be in direct opposition to accepted ethical norms. Helpers should then utilize the resources at their disposal to understand the nature of the dilemma (Woodside & McClam, 2015, p. 291). In consulting with others, the helper can gain a more comprehensive perspective on the competing ethical values, legal requirements, etc. that impose upon the dilemma. It will also give the helper access to an outside “eye”, from an individual that may not be as invested in the particular…

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