The Ethics Of Ethical Research Essay

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This paper will discuss the importance of ethics in research. It will detail why research should be ethical, why it is important, describe the principles of ethical research and provide examples of unethical practices. To begin it is important to understand what does ethics in research mean. As it is presented in our textbook Mass ,"research involves human beings and the rights of these participants must not be violated." It is also important that information obtained through research be presented without alteration. Guidelines and principles have been developed to insure that research is conducted ethically and that its participants are not harmed.
The CITI program was designed as a introduction online course for college students who may participate or conduct research with human subjects. This training initiative is best place for a new researcher to start. It is a great place to start because it explains all the facets involved before, during and after research is conducted. This online training course has ten parts and is filled with tons of information that is crucial to understand the importance of conducting research ethically. The online program starts you at the historical depiction of how ethical regulations and principles were developed.
As per the CITI training course development of regulations started with the Nuremberg Code in the 1940s. The Nuremberg Code states that "the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential" This code…

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