The Ethics Of Ethical Behavior Essay

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The Importance of Ethical Behavior For any business, having ethical behavior is very important to allow the business to thrive by gaining new customers and retaining previous customers. If a business does not have ethical behavior, then they will not be open for a very long time because customers will hear about the establishment and find alternatives to purchase instead of buying a product from an unethical business. According to Ray Garrison (2015), “…for the good of everyone—including profit-making companies—it is vitally important that business be conducted within an ethical framework that builds and sustains trust” (p. 9). Garrison continues asserting, “…without fundamental trust in the integrity of business, the economy would operate much less efficiently” (p. 9). Garrison brings up a good point about the economy operating less efficiently because without ethical behavior, less goods would be available to customer, prices would increase, and the quality of products would decrease (p. 9). David Gelles’ article “Social Responsibility That Rubs Right Off” explains the issue of corporate social responsibility faced recently with Volkswagen programming some of clean diesel engines to pass emissions tests.
Summary of the Issue at Hand To start with, Gelles’ article was posted in The New York Times and outlines the current problem with Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a German automaker who depicts itself as an environmentally friendly car manufacturer. However, Volkswagen has…

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